My software and hardware endeavors have often found their way to Slashdot, which in turn has resulted in interesting, amusing, and sometimes rather strange discussions. No matter what, such mass public participation is always an opportunity to observe and learn from the collective behavior of "the Internet."

12/17/08 Slashdotted (for AncientFS, UnixFS, and such).
01/17/07 Slashdotted (for MacFUSE).
11/06/06 Slashdotted (for my role change at Google).
10/30/06 Slashdotted (for "Understanding Apple's Binary Protection in Mac OS X").
09/11/06 Slashdotted (for "A New Screen of Death for Mac OS X").
07/25/06 Slashdotted (for "A Technical History of Apple's Operating Systems").
06/19/06 Slashdotted (for "Experimenting With Light On Apple Notebook Computers").
05/22/06 Slashdotted (for "Mac OS X Internals: A Presentation").
03/25/06 Slashdotted (for "Making An Operating System Faster").
07/06/05 Slashdotted (for "A Tour of the Mac OS X Kernel").
05/23/05 Slashdotted (for "A File System Change Logger for Mac OS X").
04/13/05 Slashdotted (for "The Mac OS X Expert Challenge 2005.1").
03/21/05 Slashdotted (for "The Apple Motion Sensor As A Human Interface Device").
03/11/05 Slashdotted (for "Blue Screen of Death Rescues With Personal Devices").
03/03/05 Slashdotted (for "The PowerBook Sudden Motion Sensor").
09/08/04 Slashdotted (for "UNIX® on the Game Boy Advance").
07/28/04 Slashdotted (for "A Taste Of Computer Security").
06/17/04 Slashdotted (for "More Power To Firmware").
06/03/04 Slashdotted (for "Making An Operating System Faster").
05/19/04 Slashdotted (for "Fragmentation In HFS Plus Volumes").
03/05/04 Slashdotted (for "A History Of Apple's Operating Systems").
02/05/04 Slashdotted (for "An Introduction To Virtualization").
01/07/04 Slashdotted (for "What is Mac OS X?").
12/17/03 Slashdotted (for "Many Systems On A PowerBook").
12/08/03 Slashdotted (for "Hanoimania!").