Rio Car MP3 Player (Animated)

An animated Towers of Hanoi for the Rio Car MP3 player (formerly Empeg).

Animated Hanoi for Empeg: Screenshot 1

The source code tar-ball contains a pre-compiled program called emphanoi, that can be transferred to the Empeg using one of many methods, the easiest of which if you are using Linux, and you do not have an ftp server (or client) set-up on the Empeg, is zmodem transfer:

The program takes a number as its only argument, which is the number of disks to start the puzzle with. Prior to the animation, the number of disks can be decreased or increased by using the volume knob. Pushing the volume knob starts the animation, during which the knob can be used to vary animation speed. Pushing the top button at any time exits.

Animated Hanoi for Empeg: Screenshot 2